"You are truly an educator at your very core, and not all professionals are meant to teach but my goodness, you are a light and meant to pass along your gift and your knowledge. Its funny, there are good teachers, and there are master teachers, it is a very different thing, and what you bring to the table is very special and more rare than you might imagine. Your artistry in-spired them as much as your technique and life experience. It is probably not something you even think about as it is a nature state for you but it is everything in an environment where being an artist and striving to delve into what that means, and what they stand for is encouraged and treasured."
Kaitlin Hopkins, Head of Musical Theater Department Texas State University
"We absolutely LOVED having your wonderful spirit judging us this weekend!! THANK YOU for the inspiration, love, and pictures you gave us! It was an honor! :)"
Jeremy Kent Hanson, Dancer for Stephanie School of Dance
"LaQuet's master class at PDC was awesome! The students absolutely loved her! She was so positive and high energy. LaQuet worked very well with a class that had a range of ages and technique levels. I loved that she made note of choreographers and dance history as it applied to the movement she was teaching. this gave students some additional research work to take home with them. Not only did she give the students new ways to think about technical correc-tions but she also inspired them to dance from the heart....to "share their gift of dance with the world." We can't wait to have her back again."
Courtney Hubbard, Paragon Dance Centre Faculty
"LaQuet Pringle is a beautiful young woman both inside and out. I am a dancer and to watch her teach with such passion, joy and emotion is refreshing. I love her focus on dancing from the heart and telling a story with the body. As a mother, I am so pleased with the example that she set as both a dancer and a human being. So kind,compassionate and full of integrity. I feel Laquet really cares for my daughter and is looking out for her in every possible way by offering direction and guidance. Her choreography is exceptional and again, pushes the dancer to reach beyond the technique and find the soul of the piece."
Kristy Litteral, Mother of Jaycie Litteral

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